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2023 Martial Arts Open School in Moldova


July 17, 2023

International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement
under the auspices of UNESCO (ICM) in partnership with Stauceni Sport School, Stauceni City Hall.

- Period : 2023. For 4 weeks in June
- Place : Kishinou Stăuceni District Sports School
- Target : Taekwondo, karate wrestling, soccer, rugby, tennis, about 185 youth players
- Host : ICM
- Organaized : Mr. VATAMAN ROMAN (currently Director of Sports School, Stăuceni District, Kishinou)

- Contents : Mr. VATAMAN ROMAN (now director of the Stăuceni District Sports School, Kishinou), a participant in the 2013 cultural partnership and a facilitator of the Moldova Member Trin Compromise Council was selected as a participant in the 2023 Martial Arts Open School hosted by ICM and led the Open School program consisting of traditional Korean martial arts TaekKyeon and cultural classes for about 185 teenagers at the Stăuceni District Sports School.