[Skill] Ssireum - Apmureupchigi (Front knee takedown)

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Country :
Republic of Korea,Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Description :
This technique is used when the wrestlers are shoulder-to-shoulder. When the opponent's center of gravity is moving forward, instantly move your body to get the opponent's body leaning and topple your opponent.

STEP 1 Ready position
STEP 2 When you're pushing forward as the opponent's center of gravity moves forward or shifts
STEP 3 Grab the opponent's knee joint as if striking it with your right hand
STEP 4 While pulling the shoulders away, strike the opponent's right knee forcibly with your right hand, and push it in the same direction as the left hand.
STEP 5 Put your head next to your opponent's armpit and push forcibly to the right.
STEP 6 Move your right leg back while rotating to get the opponent off balance.
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